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Organ:General Assembly
Session:60th session
Agenda item: Integrated and coordinated implementation of and follow-up to the outcomes of the major United nations conferences and summits in the economic social and related fields
Resolution: 60/1, 2005 World Summit Outcome
Date of adoption: 16 Sep 2005
Originating mandate: -
Renewal: -
Paragraph: 163
Mandate:We commend the Secretary-General¿s previous and ongoing efforts to enhance the effective management of the United Nations and his commitment to update the Organization. Bearing in mind our responsibility as Member States, we emphasize the need to decide on additional reforms in order to make more efficient use of the financial and human resources available to the Organization and thus better comply with its principles, objectives and mandates. We call on the Secretary-General to submit proposals for implementing management reforms to the General Assembly for consideration and decision in the first quarter of 2006, which will include the following elements: (a) We will ensure that the United Nations budgetary, financial and human resource policies, regulations and rules respond to the current needs of the Organization and enable the efficient and effective conduct of its work, and request the Secretary-General to provide an assessment and recommendations to the General Assembly for decision during the first quarter of 2006. The assessment and recommendations of the Secretary-General should take account of the measures already under way for the reform of human resources management and the budget process; (b) We resolve to strengthen and update the programme of work of the United Nations so that it responds to the contemporary requirements of Member States. To this end, the General Assembly and other relevant organs will review all mandates older than five years originating from resolutions of the General Assembly and other organs, which would be complementary to the existing periodic reviews of activities. The General Assembly and the other organs should complete and take the necessary decisions arising from this review during 2006. We request the Secretary- General to facilitate this review with analysis and recommendations, including on the opportunities for programmatic shifts that could be considered for early General Assembly consideration; (c) A detailed proposal on the framework for a one-time staff buyout to improve personnel structure and quality, including an indication of costs involved and mechanisms to ensure that it achieves its intended purpose.
Function: Reports/analytical studies/statistics; Monitoring/review of situations/issues
Geographic scope: Global
Implementing entity: DPA, ECE, DPKO
Constitutive: No
Recurrent: Yes
Mandate ID:17171